«La Habana»

This photos show Havana‘s everydayness surrounded by the architectural annihilation.
They also put attention towards the wait, the distance, the emptiness and the loss;
elements which are constant in Cubans life. They deal with the disenchantment
and the discouragement that prevails in Cuba and helps to consolidate the immobility
in that society.

The Cuban revolution became a „container factory“. In its irrational race towards
the utopia, tried to erase the historical past of the nation. For that purpose Havana
has been sacrificed and led turn into ruins.

I refuse to spread a frivolous idea of the destruction, despite of how photogenic
it can be, but to show how this devastation affects the people‘s present and the vision
of future. I would like to continue this visual inventory of the city before Cuba‘s
democratization. Perhaps it helps to preserve this part of its history.

Havana 2009 - 2012